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Linda's Cuisine

Personal Traveling Chef

Menus"Stop Looking and Let Me do the cooking!"

My Menus Include a variety of Italian dishes,ie Baked Ziti,Lazagna, Egg Plant Parm, Meat Sauce,Marcella, Marinara ,seafood sauces and Alfredo. All of my sauces are made in your home with fresh organic produce and herbs.

I also have a variety of "American home-style meat,seafood and chicken dishes, as well as home-made soups,stews and desserts.

My Party Planner menus range from Veggie, Meat and appetizer trays to full course meals and I even do outdoors functions, in your back yard ,(grilling etc. )You buy it I will cook it!)

Remember: I am a service Company! I provide these services in your home! I am not a caterer and do not try to be one! I will be your personal Chef!! (however,we do have access to a commercial kitchen if we need one. )

I enjoy what I do and you will enjoy watching me create your meal!

Please feel free to E-mail or call and I will send my sample menus to you. We will also make an appt. with you so that we can share our menus or even work on a specifc diet plan for you and your family. No job is too big or small.Again- We have accces to a commercial kitchen if we need one.


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 10PM Appt. Only

Sat: Appt.only

Sun: Appt.only